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Cajun Sole and Beans on the side)--NEW

Recipe: Cajun Sole and Beans on the side)--NEW NEW


    I do love Cajun food, so every once in awhile I dream up something Cajun. My Cajun dishes usually have sausage or chicken in them so this time I went for fish. You can make this as spicy or mild as you want. Cajun folks do know how to cook. That's for sure!

Serves 4


    4 sole fillets (or if you want to be more authentic you can use catfish or redfish)
    4 tsp of Cajun blackening mix for fish
    ½ onion, chopped
    ½ bell (green) pepper chopped
    3 Tbl of butter
    8 oz tomato sauce
    14.5 oz of diced tomatoes
    ½ cup of white wine or water
    1 Tbl of olive oil
    ½ cup of chopped green onions
    Tabasco sauce to taste

    Beans on the side:
    1 can of spicy red beans (chili hot beans)
    1 can of black beans with spices added (or plain), drained and rinsed
    ½ cup of diced red bell peppers


    Sprinkle the fish with the Cajun spice mixture on one side. Let set 15 minutes. While this is going on, put your onions and green pepper in a medium sauce pan with the butter. Cook until wilted over medium heat. Add the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and wine. Heat for 20 minutes on medium low. Stir often. Add the Tabasco sauce half way through and taste for your heat preference. Start with about 8 drops and add more if you like spicier food.

    Now start your beans. In a sauce pan pour in the can of red beans. Then add the drained black beans. If your beans came with no spices just add a bit of powdered garlic and some oregano. One tsp total will do it. Add the red peppers and heat on medium high while the sauce cooks in the other pan. Stir often.

    When the sauces are ready. Sauté the fish in olive oil in a sauté pan. Sole is very thin so this won't take long. Be careful as you flip the fish over, so it doesn't fall apart. It will only require about 2 minutes per side. You can tell the fish is done when it flakes easily and doesn't have any rare parts in the middle. Thicker fish fillets will take longer to cook.

Serving Suggestions:

    To plate your dinner, place the fish fillet on one side of the plate. Put the red sauce over the fish. Sprinkle on the diced green onions. On the other side of the plate spoon out your beans. It's two "puddles" of food, with great flavor and plenty of color. Cajun food doesn't very often have great presentation, but it's just plain good eatin'!

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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