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Salami Roll-Ups

Recipe: Salami Roll-Ups NEW


    With the Super Bowl coming I wanted to offer you something fun to make and serve to all of your football (US-style) fans. The Super Bowl and the Oscars are two of the most, worldwide-watched events on TV in any given year. This year, my hometown team, The Green Bay Packers just got shut out of the Super Bowl. (I was born 26 miles from Green Bay in Appleton). The Packers lost to the Giants. RATS! But I'll be watching the Super Bowl anyway. I can't wait to see the commercials! This is what I refer to as "Boy Junk Food". Men love these roll ups (and truth be told women do too). They aren't particularly good for you. That's the junk food part, but everything in moderation, right? And in a pinch, I know a lot of guys who do not normally cook, who will venture into making these on their own. You'll see why when you see how easy they are!

16 Rolls


    2 containers of refrigerated crescent rolls (Pillsbury is one brand). Each package will contain 8 rolls
    2 Tbl of mustard. I use Grey Poupon but you can use any flavor of mustard that suits your fancy.
    2 Tbl of mayo. You can use regular mayo, sandwich spread or light mayo. Your choice.
    16 slices of salami. You choose this too. My favorites are Genoa and Cotto. Just make sure it's sliced thinly so it will roll up. If you don't like salami you can use proscuitto.
    16 slices of cheese. Swiss is my first choice but I've used cheddar too. Thin slices so they will roll too.


    Open your crescent rolls and separate them into the triangles. Place the triangles on your work surface so they don't touch each other. In a small bowl or cup mix your mustard and your mayo. Stir well. On top of each triangle spread a smear of the mayo/mustard combination. I just use a spoon and spread it with the back of the spoon. Then place your salami on top and your cheese. The salami and cheese will stick over the sides of the dough. No worries. Now, gently roll up your triangles from long side to the short tip. They will encase your salami and cheese. If a little mayo/mustard drizzles out the sides that's okay too. Now place each salami roll on a clean, ungreased cookie sheet. Make sure they are at least an inch apart because they will "grow" as you bake them. Bake at 375 degrees for about 13 minutes or until golden brown.

Serving Suggestions:

    Carefully use a spatula to remove them from the cookie sheet and onto your serving platter. Caution people not to immediately dive in lest they fry the top of their mouth with the molten cheese. These are mucho yummy. Just try not to feel too guilty as you eat them.

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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