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Watermelon Sparklers

Recipe: Watermelon Sparklers


    This is a light drink and great for a warm day party.

You can make this as individual drinks but my recipe is for a full pitcher.


    1 can limeade mix
    2 cups silver tequila (clear, not gold)
    1 cup watermelon-flavored schnapps (Pucker is one brand. Don't worry. This won't taste like mint. Just watermelon)
    club soda
    Watermelon slices


    Take a big pitcher and make half of the can of limeade. Add the liquors. Then top off with club soda. Add a cup or more of club soda depending on how strong you want the drink. Stir. Garnish each drink with small wedges of watermelon.

Serving Suggestions:

    This can also be served in a punch bowl. It's a beautiful light pink drink.
    You can also leave out the club soda and serve it as a flavored margarita or as a martini.

    It's quite lovely and the guys liked it too!

    I called it a Watermelon Sparkler because of the club soda and it was the 4th of July but you can call it whatever would suit your occasion.

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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