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EASY Chicken Fajitas

Recipe: EASY Chicken Fajitas


    This might be one of the most fun-to-eat, slightly messy recipes. If you want to make it slightly more complicated and add a smokier flavor, you can grill the chicken before you put it in to marinate. That's my idea for summer. But just the way it is, this is a perfect meal for a starter cook; really, one with no experience. Or it's also great for a busy cook with no time to spare.

Serves 4


    3 chicken breast halves. Skin removed
    1 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes. You can get the ones with chili bits, or the garlic and onion ones; or just plain. Your choice.
    2 tsp Mexican chili powder. This has a smokier flavor than regular but regular will do too.
    1 tsp dried Oregano
    1 Tbl ground Cumin
    1 Tbl Italian spice mix
    2 Tbl diced Cilantro
    One red bell pepper sliced into strips
    One yellow bell pepper sliced into strips
    One small red onion peeled and cut into narrow rings
    10 - 6" tortillas. You can use regular white flour tortillas or they make some really nice wheat, low-carb tortillas now.
    One cup of sour cream
    1 ripe avocado cut into chunks, or if you love avocado cut up 2
    1 cup of shredded Mexican cheese


    Cut the chicken breasts into 1" wide strips. Now you can grill them until they have grill stripes on them and are done or you can proceed with the recipe without cooking them. If you grill them, let them cool off before you go to the next step.

    Put the chicken strips, tomatoes, seasonings, pepper strips, and onion rings all in a big bowl. Stir to mix it all up. Let this marinate for 30 minutes in your refrigerator or up to 2 hours.

    When you take this out you are going to cook the whole mess in a large sauté pan. It's sort of like you are going to stew it because you are pouring it all in the pan including the liquid. Put the heat on medium high and cook until the chicken is no longer pink inside (cut one open to see). This will only take about 5 - 7 minutes. (If the chicken has been grilled your only goal is to get all of the veggies and chicken hot).

    When ready to serve, heat your tortillas by wrapping them in paper towels and heating them in your microwave. You can heat them in a covered pan in the oven too. You don't want them to dry out. This only takes about a minute in the microwave or 5 minutes in your oven set at 350 degrees.

Serving Suggestions:

    When the tortillas are warm put the whole mess of chicken strips, tomatoes etc. in a large bowl in the middle of your serving area. Let your diners take a warm tortilla, put in a spoonful of chicken mixture and top it as they please with sour cream, avocado and cheese. Then roll it up to eat it. So what if some of it squishes out the sides? This is fun, messy food.

    There's more than one tortilla per person so they can go back for a second one, at least.

    I serve this with spiced pinto beans on the side. You can also add corn on the cob or Mexican corn from the can, heated. Add some chips and salsa and you have a meal. Even a simple salad on the side can round out this dish too.

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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