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"No Tomato" Pizza

Recipe: "No Tomato" Pizza


    I received the an email from a loving mother who's trying to make her daughter's pizza wish come true. The daughter was recently diagnosed with Stridors and Acid Reflux Disease. One of the biggest no-nos is tomatoes-hence "No Tomato" Pizza.


    One large piece flatbread or pizza crust. (You can find the flatbreads in a refrigerated section of most grocery stores. They are usually Mediterranean recipes with or without garlic and herbs mixed in them. You can use your favorite pizza crust recipe or go with a pre-made one.)

    One package Proscuitto (Italian ham) sliced into ¼ inch strips. You could also substitute pepperoni for a more traditional pizza.

    Pesto - Approximately 3 Tbl prepared pesto. You can buy it pre-made in the grocery store or you can go to the Appetizers/Snacks section of this website and get the recipe to make your own. This is a perfect project for young gardeners. They can grow the basil and then follow the recipe to make their own pesto. I say approximately 3 Tbl because it depends on how big a crust or flatbread you buy.

    5 oz Goat cheese (Don't let the name scare you! This is great stuff!)

    One red pepper cut into small dice


    Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

    Put your pizza crust on a pizza stone or your flatbread on a large cookie sheet.

    Spread the pesto on the crust. This takes the place of tomato sauce. You just need a smear. It does not have to be thick in any spot. Pesto is a flavorful ingredient. No need to go overboard.

    Then layer on your proscuitto or pepperoni. Take the goat cheese and put little dollops of it all over your pizza. Then sprinkle on your red pepper bits.

    Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, or until you achieve the crispiness you like in your pizza. I like mine crispy.

Serving Suggestions:

    This is an incredibly easy pizza. It's fancy enough to impress and hopefully fun for young girls to make at a party. They'll know they are true gourmets when they have begun to eat pesto and goat cheese.

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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