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The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Recipe: The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg


    "What's the recipe for a perfect hard boiled egg?" At first I was taken aback. No one had ever asked me that before. On the surface it seemed like such a simple question. Why would someone ask me that? When I started to answer, I realized that for many, it might not be such a simple question after all. There really was a method to my madness in making hard boiled eggs and I had made so many, I never really thought about it. I learned to make hard boiled eggs when I was 12 from watching my mom, so at this point in my life, it was just a routine; an exercise that was ingrained in me.

    My recipe for making the perfect hard boiled egg is really quite simple. Follow these steps and your eggs will turn out perfectly every time. You won't have runny eggs. The yokes will be fully cooked. You won't have eggs that refuse to peel from the shell. And, probably most importantly, you won't have rubbery blobs that are standing in for hard boiled eggs. You'll have moist, firm, smooth, hard boiled eggs.


    6 Fresh Eggs-Whether organic or not is not important. I prefer organic. Whether white or brown is no matter.
    Water-Enough medium temperature water to cover the eggs by an inch. No shells sticking out the top of the water.


    Place the pan with the eggs on a strong burner. Turn on to high. You want to get the water boiling quickly. (This is mostly because I have no patience). Stick around, because as soon as the water starts to boil you are going to start a timer. When the water starts to boil, set the timer for 6 - 8 minutes. (I can't be exact here because it depends on the eggs you bought). After you set the timer, turn the heat down to a medium boil. You just want the eggs bubbling away.

    When the timer rings, immediately put the pan, water and all, in your sink. Start to run cold water over the eggs in the water. Run this cold water until the hot water in the pan is completely replaced by fresh, cold water. I run it for at least a full minute. Then let your eggs sit in the pan. They should sit there until completely cool.

    Cracking the eggs seems to be a challenge for some. I just lightly tap the egg on the counter over much of the surface to crack it fairly evenly. One crack per inch as I roll it in my hand in a clockwise direction. My goal is to peel an egg in big chunks of shell, not bits. (Again, I have no patience). I love it when the shell almost unwinds off of the egg.

Serving Suggestions:

    A couple of points. If your shell sticks miserably to the egg, your eggs were probably old or you really over-cooked them and you have those rubbery blobs we talked about earlier. If the shell is just sticking a bit, the membrane might be stubborn. I just find a bit of membrane and pick at it with my finger nail to get it started and fold the membrane back a bit so you can get hold of the shell better. If necessary you can do this under running cold water and that should do the trick.

    I love a plain hard boiled egg or two with salt and pepper for breakfast or lunch. The protein really fills me up. They are great when I'm in a hurry too. They are even transportable!

Enjoy. Cheers! Zola

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