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Grilled Scallions and Cherry Tomatoes ("Lean and Lively")

Recipe: Grilled Scallions and Cherry Tomatoes ("Lean and Lively")


    Makes a great side dish for Low-Fat Chicken Breasts with an Asian Glaze.

Serves 4.


    4 bunches of scallions (about 6 to 8 medium-sized per person)

    1 pint cherry tomatoes (about 6 to 8 per person)

    Olive oil spray


    Spray a grill pan with olive oil spray, and spray the tops of the tomatoes and the onions. Grind sea salt and fresh ground pepper on the veggies (to taste).

    On Medium heat, grill the onions until they have grill marks on one side and the tomatoes until they are slightly blackened on one side. When the tomatoes start to split, you know they are warm in the middle. You can do both veggies at the same time if the grill pan you are using is big enough. If you must do one before the other, choose to do the onions first and then put them in a warm oven until the tomatoes are done.

Serving Suggestions:

    The cherry tomatoes are good when blistered on the grill, and the color adds a lot to a meal.


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