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Candy Coated Pretzels

Recipe: Candy Coated Pretzels


    Here's a fun and easy thing for Christmas treats. You can even do this with children. If they aren't old enough to dip the pretzels, they are probably old enough to roll them! Neatness counts for points, but even the ugly ones are edible and everyone will have a great time.

    This is not a recipe exactly. It's more of a set of production hints because you don't really need to MAKE anything. You just need to buy the ingredients, heat up your double boiler and crush your peanuts and you are in business.


    Pretzel logs (the ones that are about 12 inches long)

    White chocolate, milk chocolate or even dark chocolate, melted (You'll need enough melted chocolate to fill at least the bottom 3 inches in your double boiler.)

    Sprinkles, jimmies and chopped nuts (Nonpariels, chocolate ants, that sort of thing. You choose.)


    Melt one kind of chocolate at a time in the top of a double boiler. Take the chocolate off of the flame and tip the bowl so you can coat at least one half of your pretzel log by twisting it in the chocolate. You can roll almost the whole pretzel if you want to. The only part that won't be coated is where you are holding the pretzel. Be careful you don't burn yourself on hot, melted chocolate. Let the excess drip off.

    Have your dipping ingredients each lined up on waxed paper so you can roll the pretzel in the coating when it comes out of the warm chocolate. Choose one dipping ingredient for each pretzel and roll it so the dipping ingredient catches onto the chocolate. Then transfer your pretzel to a clean sheet of waxed paper. You'll need plenty of waxed paper for this project, depending on how many pretzels you want to make.

    If you're not making too many, you can set your coated pretzel logs on cookie sheets covered in the waxed paper and transfer them to your refrigerator to set up fast. (Or in my case, because I live in the northern U.S., I can transfer them on sheets to my garage, which in the winter is as cold as my refrigerator.) They will set up just fine on your counter too, but in room temperature setting up takes longer--maybe even several hours.

    After they're set up, gently peel each pretzel off the waxed paper. You can put these out on a pretty tray for a simple dessert at Christmas time or substitute them for Christmas cookies.

    When I packaged them for clients, I mixed up all three flavors (four of each kind of chocolate) and varied the toppings on each so they got a nice variety. They are very colorful, fairly sturdy and always enjoyed by all.

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