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Southwestern Baked Chicken

Recipe: Southwestern Baked Chicken


    Add Zippy Corn Pudding and you've got a meal!

Serves 4


    4 chicken breasts, split, bone in
    Southwestern meat rub or a barbecue rub
    1-1/2 cups red enchilada sauce (I use medium hot; you choose your level of taste.)
    6 green onions chopped (light green parts included)
    1 mild chili sliced into small rings (no seeds; you choose your chili)
    2 six-inch zucchinis, chopped into one-inch cubes


    Clean and dry the breasts. Spray a 9 X 13-inch ovenproof pan with butter spray or grease it. Spray liberally with the butter spray. Sprinkle the meat with your dry rub. The amount you use is up to you. I put enough on to cover the meat but you can use less if you want less spice.

    Drizzle the meat with enchilada sauce and pour the rest into the bottom of the pan around the chicken. Don't drown the chicken in the sauce because you'll wash off the rub and you want your chicken partially exposed so it gets browned in places.

    Scatter the green onions and the sliced chilies on the top of the chicken. DO NOT put the zucchini in yet. Save that for later.

    Put the chicken in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour. At the 40-minute point, open the oven and scatter the zucchini around the chicken so it has time to roast along with the chicken and it will soak up some of the juices. Close the oven and let the one-hour time finish up.

Serving Suggestions:

    When ready to serve, put the chicken next to a heaping spoonful of corn pudding or mashed potatoes, and a scattering of the veggies in the bottom of the pan around the whole thing. Once you have all the dishes plated, you can drizzle any "gravy" that has accumulated in the bottom of the pan on top of and around the meal. I guarantee the whole meal with have a Southwestern look, smell and surely a zippy taste. Chips and salsa on the side are optional.


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