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Ice Cream Boats

Recipe: Ice Cream Boats


    No one thinks a thing of it when two people order one dessert at a restaurant. "Waiter, we'll have one of those triple decker chocolate thingamabobs and one fork." After a big meal we're either too full to eat a whole dessert so we just want a "bite," or we wouldn't dare eat a full portion of those deadly calories! No way! So why not surprise your guests and serve dessert in pairs at your next party?

    This is a take-off on the old-fashioned banana split. Instead of making that huge, traditional dessert you're going to make one that's lighter and easily enjoyed by two. It's also a great way to use that long, skinny serving dish you probably bought in the past year. Most people call them "olive boats," and most people serve in them (you guessed it) olives. But you are going to surprise folks by serving dessert in yours.

    And if you're going to have a large party and don't have your own collection of these cute little canoe-shaped dishes, just call around to a few neighbors. I'm sure they will lend you theirs. Or if that fails, just root around in your china cabinet for something unique to serve your dessert in. I'm sure you?ll repurpose something you never thought of before.


    Variety of ice creams or sorbets
    Barquillos cookies (for decoration)
    Candy sticks (for decoration)
    Variety of berries
    Ice cream sauces (optional)

    For a low-fat, refreshing sorbet to serve in your "boat" or even a champagne flute, see "Pineapple Sorbet."


    Making a success of your "Ice cream Boats" is easy.

    1. Instead of using your regular ice cream scoop to dish up your ice creams or sorbets, use your melon baller. You can also now buy one of the small scoops that are about the same size as a melon baller.

    2. You are going to decorate your creations with all those decadent cookies, sprinkles and treats you've been dying to buy in the gourmet shops. This is your excuse to finally indulge in those purchases. Go wild! (And if your budget is tight, head on over to the discount shops in the strip mall. They have great options too.) You can cut your candy sticks or barquillos cookies in half to make boat "masts." Tilt your cookies on their sides and you have "sails." Next thing you know your ice cream creation looks like a teeny, gourmet Viking sailing vessel.

    3. Put all the treats in the middle of the table if you want and have your guests decorate their own.

    4. Add berries and cut up bananas to add color to your boats. Think tiny pieces and bits.

    5. Sauces are optional. Drizzle lightly or they'll ooze off the sides of your boats--but that might be part of the fun! To keep sauces under control I go to the beauty supply store and buy the same bottles they use to dye hair. Put your sauces in them and snip the top for a thin stream and controlled flow.

    6. Pair your guests up for eating, pass out two spoons per ice cream boat and enjoy! Just enough dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth and more than enough fun for the whole gang.

Serving Suggestions:

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