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The Nuevo Latino Gala

Recipe: The Nuevo Latino Gala


    I created this menu for four couples, one of whom was the highest bidder at a silent auction to benefit Hospice. From a variety of theme choices, they picked "fancy Mexican." I stretched "fancy Mexican" to mean anywhere from Cuba to Venezuela and across the Caribbean to make the food even more interesting. I posted the easy, fancy foccacia elsewhere on this web site, and eventually I'll post the other recipes too.


    Drink of the Day
    The Mexican Melon Ball

    Appetizers Upstairs
    Zola's nuts, Cuban-style
    Grilled, tequila-marinated tuna and avocado "focaccia" with a red onion-balsamic drizzle

    Appetizers at the Table
    Spicy Boca del Rio shrimp with a mango-mint mojo "cocktail" sauce
    "Surprise" tamales with a tomato-New Mexico red chile sauce

    Cuban marinated pork tenderloin on a bed of Caribbean black beans with plantain, pineapple and serrano salsa

    Coco Cabana served in a dark French chocolate cup dripping with Ghirardelli ganache on a bed of raspberry-Chambord coulis, accompanied by a chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie


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