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Magnificent Crab Leg Dinner

Recipe: Magnificent Crab Leg Dinner


    This party menu is expensive. It should probably be saved for a special occasion. It's easy enough to be served to a group at the holidays, but if the group is too large, you might have to consider a home equity loan to pay for it.

    The featured item is JUMBO KING crab legs. We're talking crab legs that are about as long as a yard stick and up to two inches in diameter. You can get them frozen in town at the best fishmongers, but don't be surprised if they are in a locked cabinet. These monsters are hard to come by--and worth every penny.

    The Creole Couscous and a colorful Asian Coleslaw may seem an odd combination, but they balance each other quite well, and they both go great with the King Crab. Two out of three items can be made in advance, so you can entertain with ease. When you serve this dish, it won't have a complicated presentation either. The majesty of the crab legs pretty much does the trick. Have plenty of napkins or even bibs ready and plan to party on at your "fish fry."

    One extra possible bonus could be the good luck that goes along with serving this meal. Tradition in some circles dictates that, if you serve lobster on New Year's Eve, you'll have luck throughout the year. Since these crab legs are just as expensive--if not even MORE expensive--than lobster, I think the same theory applies. Try it for yourself and see. If your dinner comes off without at hitch, at the very least you'll feel lucky for having the experience of eating it and sharing it with friends or family.

Serves 4.


    King Crab Legs

    Asian Coleslaw

    Creole Couscous

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