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Asian Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas

Recipe: Asian Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas


    Mexican and Asian might sound like an odd combination, but these quesadillas aren't hard to do and they sure taste great. Serve these quesadillas as an appetizer, as a lunch or as a light entrée, maybe with a salad for dinner. You'll have it ready in a flash. You can grill them outside, or inside on a newfangled grill pan, or in a large sauté pan on your stove. Each way works. The grill just gives them a bit more of a smoky flavor.

Serves 4 as a light lunch or light entrée.
Serves up to 8 as an appetizer (one half of a quesadilla each).


    1 bunch of scallions
    4 oz. baby bella/Cremini mushrooms, sliced
    3 slices pre-cooked bacon chopped
    1 Tbl butter
    2 tsp olive oil
    4 oz. can of baby deveined shrimp (Drain them and rinse them.)
    2 Tbl lite soy sauce
    8 oz. Mexican blend grated cheese
    8 flour tortillas 6-inch size
    Olive oil spray


    Sauté the scallions, mushrooms and bacon in the olive oil and butter on Medium heat. This should take about 5 minutes or until they get browned. Add the shrimp and the soy sauce. Sauté two minutes.

    Now you are ready to assemble your quesadillas. Place one tortilla on the counter. Spread one-fourth of the mixture on the tortilla and top with one-fourth of the Mexican cheese. Place a second tortilla on top. If you've never made quesadillas you're basically making a tortilla sandwich with your mixture on the inside. Spray the top tortilla with your olive oil spray.

    Assemble the rest of the quesadillas the same way. You'll have four of them.

    Spray your grilling surface or the inside of your sauté pan. Heat to Medium High. Carefully place your quesadillas on the grill. Keep the oiled side up. If you are cooking them in a sauté pan, cook them one at a time and put them in the oven to keep warm as they are finished. On a grill you can probably do them all at once.

    Grill on Medium until they get the kind of grill stripes you like. I like mine a little more crispy. Watch carefully so they don't burn. Your objective is to "toast" them and melt the cheese. You might have to reduce the heat to slow them down. When the one side is grilled the way you like it, put your spatula under each one--and if you're a novice at this, place your hand on top to steady the quesadilla. Then flip it over. You'll have to flip rather quickly to keep the ingredients from flying out. If the cheese has partially melted, it should stick together pretty well. Then crisp up the other side to your liking.

    Remove from the grill (or from the oven where they've been staying warm) and slice them with a long knife or pizza cutter. Make as many pieces as you like. Pieces can be in quarters or even smaller.

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