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Italian Cocktail Party for 24

Recipe: Italian Cocktail Party for 24


    If you don't have more than one oven, see the Note in "Instructions" for prep ideas.


    French-Italian Mushroom Tart
    Caprese Tomato Salad
    Protein Roll-Ups (for the low-carb crowd)--Two kinds:
    - Beef Roll-Ups (Beef with wasabi, gorgonzola and red onion)
    - Turkey Roll-Ups (Smoked turkey with provolone, tomato and coarse mustard)
    Gorgonzola Cheese and Pear Crostini*
    Traditional Bruschetta
    Parmesan-Reggianno in the "Raw"
    Zola's Nuts (Make 2 batches)
    Zola's Caesar Salad (Triple Zola's recipe, which serves 6)
    Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce (Double Zola's recipe)
    Cheesy Hash Browns with Sour Cream (Quadruple Zola's recipe; use two 9x13 pans)

    Drink of the Day: Lemon Sparklers (Put 1 tablespoon of Limoncello Italian lemon liqueur in the bottom of a champagne glass. Top off with champagne. For a party for 24, you?ll need 4 bottles champagne, 1 bottle Limoncello.)

    (See individual recipes for ingredients.)


    Suggestions for managing your time

    Can be made ahead (day before):
    French-Italian Mushroom Tart (Reheat during party)*
    Protein Roll-Ups (both kinds)
    Zola's Nuts
    Parmesan-Reggianno in the "Raw"
    Sauce for the Traditional Bruschetta
    Cheesy Hash Browns with Sour Cream (Reheat during party)*
    Sauce for Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce*

    Day of the party:
    Toast bread for both crostini
    Make gorgonzola mixture to top crostini later
    Assemble the tomatoes and mozzarella for the Caprese Tomato Salad, but don't drizzle on the dressing yet
    Toss in a bowl the romaine, walnuts, onions, and grapes for Zola's Caesar Salad. Refrigerate 'til one hour before serving.
    Bring the Chimichurri Sauce to room temperature

    During party:
    Reheat French-Italian Mushroom Tart (or you can do this just before the party)*
    Dress the Caprese Tomato Salad
    Dress Zola's Caesar Salad with parmesan cheese and Marzetti's Caesar dressing
    Top Gorgonzola Cheese and Pear Crostini and broil*
    Top Bruschetta with reheated tomato mixture and top with parmesan
    Roast the tenderloin, slice it and arrange on platters, and then add the Chimichurri Sauce as directed*

    *NOTE: If you have one oven, you'll have to serve the French-Italian Mushroom Tart and the Gorgonzola Cheese and Pear Crostini at room temperature. In that case, make at beginning of party or just before. Then roast your tenderloin. And last, reheat the Cheesy Hash Browns with Sour Cream on 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes, covered. Your tenderloin will end up warm if you cover it, but it's great even at room temperature.

Serving Suggestions:


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