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Pesto Appetizer Pizza

Recipe: Pesto Appetizer Pizza



    1 thin prepared pizza crust (Your favorite brand. I buy mine at the local Italian deli.)
    3 to 4 Tbl pesto

    Topping Ideas:

    • Cherry tomatoes cut in half
    • Pepperoni
    • Caramelized onions or any raw onions chopped
    • Sautéed mushrooms
    • Gardinera small chopped peppers


    Spread the pesto on your favorite pizza crust. Don't spread to the edges. As pesto heats, it spreads because of all of the olive oil. Just spread to about 1 to 2 inches from the sides.

    Top with your favorite ingredients. No cheese is necessary because it's already in the pesto. Last time I made this I just sprinkled on the Gardinera peppers. It was simple and it was vegetarian. Spicy. Folks loved it.

    Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes right on the oven rack or on a pizza stone. Fifteen minutes cooking it on the rack or pizza stone will make for a crispy crust. If you are doing it on the rack, slide it onto a cutting board or cookie sheet to get it out of the oven. Careful not to burn yourself.

Serving Suggestions:

    I serve it right on the cutting board with a pizza cutter (the rustic look). Cut into pie pieces or smaller squares as you choose, or leave that up to your guests.


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