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Zippy Szechuan Chicken and Veggies

Recipe: Zippy Szechuan Chicken and Veggies


Serves 4 and can be doubled or expanded easily.


    4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves cut into 1-inch cubes
    4 Tbl cornstarch
    2 Tbl vegetable oil or canola oil
    3 cloves of garlic minced (jar garlic works fine)
    7 Tbl soy sauce (lite, low sodium is good)
    2 Tbl rice wine vinegar or white wine vinegar
    1 packet of Splenda sweetener (if you're diabetic or low carb; you can also use 1 tsp of sugar instead)
    1/3 cup water
    6 green onions cut into 1/4-inch disks, white and light green parts
    2 handfuls of green beans (Just pick the ends off. Don't cut them up.)
    1 cup of pre-cut matchstick-sized carrots (or cut your own)
    1 red pepper cut into small chunks
    1/4 tsp of cayenne or to taste (This makes it zippy.)


    Take the chicken cubes and corn starch and throw them into a plastic bag. A food storage bag is good. Seal it shut or hold it shut and toss around the chicken so it gets coated with the cornstarch. Take your colander and set it in the sink. Dump the chicken and cornstarch into the colander and sift it so the excess cornstarch falls through the openings. Just bounce it around.

    Heat your oil in a large sauté pan and put in your chicken. (If you use a coated sauté pan, you can use less oil.) Cook for 2 minutes until it starts to brown. Add the garlic and continue cooking a total of 4 minutes so the chicken starts to color up some more. Add everything else. Cook another five minutes. Stir regularly. Stop now if you want your veggies crisper. You can cook it a little longer to get the veggies softer if you want.

Serving Suggestions:

    Serve with rice. I make flavored rice from one of the packets you can buy pretty much ready to eat.


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