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Lemon Fruit Tart

Recipe: Lemon Fruit Tart



    1 sheet of puff pastry (They come two sheets to a box.)

    1 cup lemon curd or pie filling

    1 cup whipped topping (i.e., Cool Whip)

    2 Tbl of apricot jam

    Various summer fruits. Your choice; pick 4 or more of different colors. You'll need 1/2 cup or 5 or 6 of each:

    * strawberries

    * blueberries

    * kiwi

    * green grapes

    * red grapes

    * raspberries

    * blackberries

    Those are the easy ones. You can also make life a little more challenging by doing

    * peaches (peeled)

    * mango

    * papaya

    * pineapple etc.

    Don't pick apples or bananas. Anything that turns brown after you cut it would be an unwise choice.



    Lay out your puff pastry on the counter an hour before you want to get started. It needs to soften up. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Lightly flour your counter or a cutting board and roll your puff pastry until it's the size of a small cookie sheet. Keep it in the rectangle shape as you roll. Then slice it in half the long way to make two long rectangles. (You have enough pastry for two tarts. If you want to make two, you'll just need more fruit and filling. With one can of pie filling and one container of Cool Whip, you'll have enough for two to cover the filling part. Just add more fruit to your list.)

    Once you have your half, take your pizza cutter and slice a three quarter inch border off all four sides. You are making a rim. Brush the main pastry edge with water and then take your slices and put them around the edge on top of the main piece. The water helps the pieces stick to each other so you make a long "box." Cut the edges and squish the ends a little to make them stick. Carefully transfer your pastry box to your cookie sheet. You can slide it off the cutting board or counter onto the sheet pretty easily.

    Prick the puff pastry with your fork in about 10 places to keep it from rising too much during baking.

    Bake 15 minutes at 350 or until lightly golden.

    Remove from oven. Take the back of a spoon and press down any "wayward" bubbles. Let the pastry cool.

    Now for the fun part. Stir together the whipped topping and the lemon curd in a bowl. Then transfer it into the rectangle using a soup spoon so you don't get too much at once. You'll want your filling about 1/2 inch thick, but it's important to "stay inside the box" with the filling.

    Wash your fruit and wipe or drain off excess water . . . then decorate your tart. Cut strawberries and grapes in half so they lay flat. Peel the kiwi and make slices. I always use a little extra kiwi so I get to eat the ends and not use them on the tart. (Kiwis are a little unpredictable, so buy an extra one.) Lay the fruit on the filling in sections. You might have a row of strawberries, then 2 inches of blueberries, then a strip of kiwi. You can start to repeat your pattern and have a row of grapes here and there. It's all up to you. For variety, you can lay the fruit the long way or even on diagonals. Just lay the fruits close to each other so you don't see a lot of filling squishing out.

    Melt your apricot jam in the microwave on medium heat or on the stove. Take your pastry brush and "paint" the fruit so it has a glossy shine. Don't paint the pastry unless you like a gooey crust. If it says plain it will be crisper.

    Refrigerate until just before serving. Taking it out 15 minutes ahead will get rid of the refrigerator taste. Slice it by rocking a large (chef) knife between the rows of fruit. If you use pressure and rock the knife instead of slicing you'll keep the filling "inside the box" instead of dragging it out with your knife.

    Finding a serving tray for a long pastry can be a challenge, but the long tart looks so cool. You can make a square or a round tart if you choose. The French way to serve the long tarts would be to serve them on a cutting board like they do in the French countryside. You can drape the board with a tea towel or clean, pretty dish towel for a less-formal look.

    This should make 8 to 10 slices per tart.

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