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Chicken Pot Pie

Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie


Serves 6 or 4 very hungry people.


    2 Pillsbury pre-made pie crusts (1 package)

    2 packages of chicken pieces cut into large dice

    (Louis Rich makes a 12 oz. package. You can do Italian flavor or Grill flavor; you choose. Or you can use any leftover chicken you have from the grill or roasting, etc. You'll want 2 to 3 cups of chicken pieces.)

    1 cup frozen peas

    2 cups pre-cooked potato chunks

    (You can use any leftover potatoes you have -- red-skinned, Idaho, whatever. If you don't have any pre-cooked potatoes, you can take one large one and zap it in the microwave and then cut it up. (Follow your microwave directions for a baked potato.) Peeled or unpeeled; it's your choice. I'm Irish so I have to have potatoes in my pot pie, but you can always leave them out and add another veggie of your choice, like corn or small pieces of broccoli or zucchini or even peppers. One cup of whichever one you choose.)

    1 cup chopped celery

    1-1/2 cups of carrot pieces. (To make life easy you can get them pre-cut, even crinkle cut, in your produce section.)

    2 cups of chicken gravy. (Use the canned, pre-prepared kind.)

    Salt and pepper to taste


    Use a 9-inch square pan or deep-dish pie pan. Take one crust out of the package and ease it into the pan. With a square pan it will crunch up in the corners, but that's just a great piece for those who like lots of crust. No problem. With both sizes, the crust is likely to stick up over the sides a bit. This is good.

    In a large bowl, combine your ingredients for the filling. Stir and season with salt and pepper. You can even toss in a bit of cayenne if you like your food "zippy." Pour the filling into the first crust. Take the second crust and lay it over the top of the filling. Fold the first crust edges over the top crust or just pinch and tuck it into the sides so there are no large gaps for filling to ooze out of.

    Poke a hole in the top of the crust with your knife. You can make a little design with a few pokes if you like. Not necessary though.

    Bake in a pre-heated 450 degree oven for 10 minutes. Turn down the temp to 350 degrees and cook for 30 minutes more. After you take it out of the oven, if you let it sit for 10 minutes it will cut better and hold together a little better, but the filling will still "ooze" out some when you transfer it to the plate, so keep the plate close to the dish as you transfer it.

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