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Marinated Tomato Mozarella Crostini (LC)

Recipe: Marinated Tomato Mozarella Crostini (LC)


    (LC) = Low-carb version below


    3 ripe tomatoes cut into 1/3-inch slices. You want 12 slices total. (Use the ends for something else or discard.)

    1/2 cup Italian dressing (Your favorite bottled dressing will work.)

    12 1/4-inch slices of mozarella cheese

    12 fresh basil sprigs for garnish


    In a single layer, arrange your tomato slices on a non-metal platter. Drizzle the dressing over them and let them sit for at least a half hour and not more than 3 hours. You're marinating the tomatoes.

    Now toast both sides of the bread under your broiler or on your grill. Your choice. Get out a cookie sheet. When the bread cools enough to handle, put the bread slices on the cookie sheet. (It might already be on a cookie sheet if you broiled the slices instead of grilled them.) Stack the tomatoes on the bread and then top with the cheese.

    Broil the stacks until the mozzarella softens and begins to ooze down the sides of tomatoes. Watch them so they don't brown too much, but a little bit is okay. The middle of the mozzarella may stay more firm. That's fine.

    Low-carb version: Follow everything above except skip the bread. You might want to use a low-carb dressing recipe too, especially if you're in the early stages of a low-carb diet. When you finish broiling them you'll just serve the tomatoes and cheese on little plates with a fork instead of being able to pass the crostini. Fresh ground pepper on top will be a nice addition.

Serving Suggestions:

    Serve on a platter with basil garnish and fresh ground pepper on top.


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