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Party Menus

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"Modern Nostalgic" Mustard-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Creamed Spinach with Tomatoes and Mushrooms
"Simple Elegance"
A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight: The Bachhuber Hospice Gala Menu (June 2005)
Cocktail Party for 40
Easy Italian
Fiesta Vente Cinco (Rachel's Birthday)
French Bistro "Chicago-Style"
French Bistro Dinner for Four: Pommes Anna and Bistro Chicken with Port Wine-Mushroom Sauce
Italian Cocktail Party for 12
Italian Cocktail Party for 24
Magnificent Crab Leg Dinner
Mexican "Banquet"
New Year's Celebration Tied to the Time Zones Passing
Peanut Butter Whipped Cream/Dessert Party--NEW
Rustic Italian Dinner
Rustic Italian Feast
The "Snap, Crackle, Ka-Boom! Party? (Apex Chicago, July 2005)
The Holiday Meal
The Nuevo Latino Gala
The Pasta Party

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